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  Mission Statement  
  We provide an online opportunity of Quran learning for all age groups who are interested in getting Quranic Education. We aim at providing a prospective reading of The Holy Quran for whom concerned teachers or such institutes are not accessible due to their absence, remoteness or personal disability of the reader to attend the teacher by reason of his infirmity, age or weakness. We believe it not only a religious service but an opportunity to pass the words of Allah to his creation.  
  Advantages of Quran Learning  
  We aim at providing comprehensive and detailed knowledge of Quranic verses to the individuals who intend to understand the words of Allah. We believe that the recitation of the heavenly revelation gives satisfactory answers to human doubts and enhances the level of human satisfaction by imparting true understanding of the reason of his creation. The Holy Quran enshrines knowledge in the most understandable way and we tend to spread its learning unbiased for the mankind. We understand that its bare reading may be the very nascent step towards comprehending its meaning but undoubtedly its providential style would reveal its special character on the reader. We believe that the Holy Quran is a code to lead humankind to achieve the best standard of life and morality and encompasses all aspects of life to give a comprehensive outline of human activity; in short, its learning truly means a lot for a Muslim as well as for a true knowledge seeker.  
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